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REALM INFRA started its journey in 1984 with core business ethics of honesty, integrity, excellence and commitment towards transforming people’s dream plots into reality. By delivering the best properties for investment to our clients, we kept on earning their trust through our wide range of properties at affordable prices and attractive offers. 

2015 was a milestone year for REALM INFRA as we expanded our venture and commenced our reniwed plotting endeavour in the vicinty of Hyderabad. We started with the aim to create various multi-level mega infrastructure projects. We began by trading with small plots and currently REALM INFRA has a wonderful track record of successful handling of 800+ acres of plotting projects in over 3.5 decades.

In August 2022 we pushed our limits to create an exceptional project to develop a world within a world, for which we acquired several acres of land at an arterial location of Hyderabad city. We aim to craft phenomenal space in it with tailor-made plotting solutions for our investors to suit their desired requirements and investment. The said project envisions creation of Farmhouses, weekend getaway or can be simply used as a future prospective investment. The USP of this project is the flexibility it offers to a diverse number of clients by giving an assured-return on investment option. 

We not only acknowledge but also share the enthusiasm, sentiments and dreams of our consumers of owning a dream home, with an upgraded lifestyle, affordable luxuries at landmark zones – all together at conventional price points. REALM INFRA is not just a corporation that deals with plots, but also a launch pad of your dreams.


Meet the Pillars of Realm Infra

Our team is comprised of highly skilled professionals who are aligned with the goals, mindset & ethics of the promoter. Our team is our core strength and is equally responsible for the success and growth of Realm Infra..


Nurturing living spaces and providing investment opportunities in real-time.

Core Values:

  • Trustworthy Solutions
  • Sustainable Planning
  • Transparent Practices
  • Ethical Operations
  • Principled Approach
  • Value Centricity


To create landmark properties with nature as an epicentre.



To create landmarks with nature as an epicentre

Our Expertise

Building trust and legacy with transparency


REALM INFRA has reached the milestone of over 8000+ satisfied customers in 3.5 decades of its journey. Our team of highly qualified professionals worked day and night with extreme dedication to achieve this milestone. Being unstoppable, the REALM INFRA family has set bigger goals and targets, which it intends to achieve in the near future. Our core values make us work to our maximum potential and help us in aiding you in buying amazingly exceptional properties. 


What makes us stand out from our competitors:

Our Team

Our team is composed of highly skilled professionals who are aligned with the goals, mindset & ethics of the promoter. Our team is our core strength and each of its members are equally responsible for the success and the growth of our company. 


The strong foundation of Realm Infra includes :

The foundation that builds strong trusted projects is based on the establishment of trusted and exceptionally talented architects who have unprecedented skill in the business.

India's historically
infrastructure company

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Pradeep Varma Datla

Executive Partner
Pradeep earned a Master’s degree from the George Mason University in Virginia and a bachelor’s degree from a reputed institute in India. Being an engineer with diverse experience of working in process-driven industry solutions in the United States, Pradeep has honed his work profile as a multi-disciplinary leader in a mere decade’s span.
He brings globally acknowledged business practices with the result-oriented process-driven approach, ensuring work and product standards par excellence. Pradeep has been responsible for enabling operational excellence across and building capabilities for the organization. As the leader of the sales, marketing, operations, human resources, information technology services, and Offshore services Pradeep is a thorough professional when it comes to strategy by managing prioritization, effective resource alignment, and accountability across the company.

Prashams Reddy Mamidi

Managing Partner

Mr. Prashams has secured a prestigious Masters degree from USC. He has played a key role by being an important influence in the sales departments of conglomerates in the United States of America. Taking ahead the real estate legacy of his father Mr. Amruth Reddy ahead, Prashams Reddy effectively contributed in charting significant property landmarks in and around Hyderabad. His world-class understanding of the contemporary sales mechanisms in real estate has helped make the organization dynamic and thriving to new heights. 

Amruth Reddy Mamidi

Chairman Emeritus
As a young man in 1980s, Mamidi Amruth Reddy started his innings in construction industry by working as a contractor for 5 years. He kicked off his first project with humble beginnings and eventually took moderate leaps by managing a few projects in private and public domains. But being a visionary and a progressive leader, he could not stay content with the existing work profile. Thereafter he took a major leap by entering into real estate in a very short span. He figured out how this field entailed more wealth-creating opportunities for every section of the society. He helped the organisation grow manifolds and also helped the people who got associated with it to grow immensely. It’s been 33 years now that he has carved a niche for himself and his organisation in the real estate sector of Hyderabad. He has aced the field so much so that today he is instrumental in guiding the next generation to follow in his footsteps.

Pavithra Reddy Mamidi

Chief Marketing Officer
Hailing from a Digital Marketing background for over 8 years now, Mr. Pavithra Reddy has a qualitative experience working across diverse industries. His adeptness lies in his masterful expertise of boosting start-ups to newer heights. Mr. Pavithra Reddy plays a key role in marketing REALM INFRA’s projects. Gauging intelligently the latest marketing trends, Mr Pavithra Reddy, with each marketing venture, has taken the real estate firm to a new level. His plans plot several marketing strategies so effectively that no platform is missed to project the brand name. He has a phenomenal understanding of consumer behavior as well as consumer needs has always resulted in effective marketing solutions for the organization.

Raghu Kanakamedala